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Our Promise

 At The Hive Paediatric Clinic we promise to: 


  1. Work with kids and their families to find solutions that fit their needs and into their schedules

  2. Answer all questions that you have and connect you to others that share similar experiences

  3. Ensure your child gets timely and consistent treatment

  4. Work across disciplines (PT, OT) to develop programs catered to the needs of your child

  5. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! With our clients, their families, team members, and community partners. 

  6. Act with accountability, honesty, integrity and fairness

  7. Earn your trust by creating a comfortable environment and being down to earth and honest in our dealings with you

  8. Be as punctual as possible with our appointment times. We get it - parents are busy!

  9. Move with the times - just as healthcare is constantly changing, we will continue to innovate our approach 

  10. Always ensure privacy and confidentiality​

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