Why THE HIVE Paediatric Clinic? 

The HIVE Paediatric Clinic was created to fill a void in the GTA’s paediatric therapy world. 


Having worked for years in both the public and private sector, Sabrina Handa noticed something was missing from Paediatric care. 


Kids thrive when they have big open spaces to play, and when they are free to be themselves. Play is the work of a child after all. 


But most private practice clinics have tiny gyms and many small treatment rooms. Being too loud (aka being a kid) is frowned upon. Most clinics are housed within office buildings where you can renew your mortgage in the same place as your child gets therapy. 

The public sector has giant gyms, that largely go unused as therapists are constantly tied up in meetings. Most have a top-down approach, with the all-knowing therapist dictating strict exercise regimens to families, without considering the family’s daily life. 


In both cases, no one appears to be listening to the families and children. 


Sabrina knew she could make this better. Families deserve better. The kids deserve better. 


So enter The HIVE. An open-concept, modern, family and kid centred facility with space for kids to be kids and families to connect.  The Hive believes that kids deserve to be kids, regardless of ability. 


Our dedicated space boasts a 1,500 square foot gym complete with indoor stairs, slides, rock climbing walls, wall ladders, treadmills and therapy swings as well as multiple therapy rooms for when they are needed. Mostly we just have space for kids to feel free. After all, great things can happen when kids feel free. 

Our mentality is also a shift from the norm. We actually listen to what the kiddos are telling us about their care. We want to hear what families are saying about their day to day activities and tailor our therapy and home program to accommodate that. And we make sure this is facilitated by have highly trained, paediatric specific therapists with relevant experience to make sure the needs of your child, not the therapist, are front and centre. 


As a parent, you have enough things to worry about. At The HIVE, we’ve curated the space and carefully vetted the therapists so you can be confident with the choice you’re making.